Staff Members


Don Hemerson, DVM
Supervising Veterinarian, Owner
If animals could talk, they'd bark and meow their hearty approval of Dr. Don Hemmerson's care. Since boyhood he has been involved in veterinary medicine. His father was a veterinarian also, so he grew up caring for and helping animals. He brings that caring to his client and their pets each and every day, leaving the saddest eyes sparkling and the limpest tails wagging.

Dr. Hemmerson graduated from Iowa State University and says this about education; "There are no shortcuts to the kind of knowledge it takes to keep our animal friends healthy and safe. And although I received supurb training while earning my doctorate degree, I must continually learn about the letest breakthoughts -- new medicines, procedures, and equipment. It's a never-ending learning process and the payoff is in the lives I save.

"A good veterinarian never stops learning. A great one never stops giving. So I try to appy what I have learned through my associations with colleagues, my legislative efforts on behalf of pets in kennels and breeding farms and my activities in helping the county animal shelter.

Dr. Hemmerson is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, Colorado Veterinary Medical Association and Weld Count Veterinary Medical Association. He also serves on the following boards; Veterinay Advisory Board, Front Range Community College and the Veterinary Technician Prgram.

When Dr. Hemmerson is not involved in one of the above associations, he is active with the local animal shelter.

Bob Kautz, DVM
Veterinarian, co-owner
From treating that floppy-eared Basset Hound for fleas and ticks, to administering care and comfort to an aging Tabby, Dr. Kautz feels as if he's got the whole world in his hands when he's warmly cuddling a new puppy or kitten. In a sense, his whole world has been devoted to helping those helpless ones. Your pet will benefit from his skill as a healer and his compasion as an animal lover.

Dr. Bob Kautz graduated from Colorado State University and says, "To ensure that your pet recieved every preventative measure while he's well, and every chance to survive when critically ill, my learning must never stop. I keep abreast of new medicines, proceedures, and methods -- all with the ultimate goal of a healthier, longer life for your pet.

"Just as learning never stops, sharing that knowlede must never stop either. I've devoted my career to sharing my knowledge and experience with others. My associations and activities offer more opportunites to raise the standards of my practice, and provide a wealth of good health to your pet and animals everyhwere.

Dr. Kautz ia a member of the American Veterinary Medical Assoication and the Colorado Medical Association. He is also a board member for the Northern Colorado Animal League and Veterinary Advisory Board.

Dawn Urioste, DVM
Assoicate Veterinarian
Dr. Urioste is a member of The American Veterinary Medical Assoiciation, Colorado Veterinay Medical Association, Weld County Ceterinary Medical Associaton. She is a board member of the Northern Colorado Animal League. Outside of the clinic she is a member of the U.S. Army Reserves.

Dr. Dawn's special interests are with the medicine of birds, rabbits, ferrots and rodents.

Sherrie Brosig, CVT
Surgery/Head Technician
Sherrie is a graduate of Front Range Community College and has been here since April of 1997. She is the Secretary of CACVT.

Merideth Early
Veterinary Assistant
Merideth is also the Surgery Technician and Pharmacy Team Leader. She has been here since August of 1997.

Stacy Haney
Veterinary Assistant
Stacy graduated from Colorado State University. She got her Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science. Stacy has been with us since July 1999.

Cindy Trimber
Receptionist/Nutritional Coordinator
Cindy is a graduate of McPherson College in Kansas where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts in History. She has been on our team since March of 1997.

Doreen Thompson
Receptionist-Team Leader/Veterinary Assistant
Doreen received her Assoicates degree in Environmental Restoration Engineering from Front Range Community College. From there she obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Field Biology from the Unversity of Northern Colorado. She has been at All Pet Animal Hospital since August 1999.

Pam Gardner
Student Assistant
Pam attends the Greeley Central High School and has been with us since November 1999.

Morganne Early
Student Assistant
Morganne is a student at Highland High School and has been here when possible since June of 1998.