Staff Members


Dr. William Price
Dr. William Price is the owner of the Kempsville Veterinary Hospital since 1994. He has however been a practicing Veterinarian in the Tidewater region since he graduated from the University Of Georgia School Of Veterinary Medicine in 1968. Up until he bought this practice he was the co owner of River Shores Animal Hospital for over 20 years.

His many years in practice have led to his interest in behavior problems of dogs and cats. He especially likes the interaction with the client to find a workable solution for that pet. His hobby of dog obedience training has also helped feed this interest.

Today you"ll find that the majority of his duties have become more management related leaving the actual practice of veterinary medicine to his asscociates, but  never fear there is always time in the schedule for clients who request him or just want to visit.
Dr Price feels that his biggest personal accomplishment has been the raising of his two beautiful and talented daughters to adulthood. This is closely followed by his having completed two solo cross country bike trips in recent years. 

His hobbies include training his miniture poodle Lily  for dog obedience trials, traveling to visit his granddaughter Brooke aged three and his new grandson Trent, along with raising Bamtam chickens at his Sandbridge home.

His other pets include Willie, a 6 year old miniture poodle and Poppy, the parrot, who resides and entertains at the clinic

Dr. Diana Hewitt
Dr Diana Hewitt is a 1982 graduate of Auburn University. She was employed at another practice in the area before joining KVH in 1986.Her veterinary interest are in the practice and promotion of wellness and preventative medicine. Her belief is that yearly physical exams and wellness screening tests are as important if not more so then the actual vaccines for most older pets.

She particularly enjoys the new puppy and new kitten visits; this being the best time to get that new owner and new pet off to the right start together. During this visit she can discuss the need for and timing of the vaccinations; correct nutrition and feeding, and training issues. Over the years she has been involved with Career Days at the local schools, and as a former Girl Scout leader has helped to promote the field of veterinary medicine and responsible pet ownership.

Dr Hewitt and her husband, Anthony live in Chesapeake and are enjoying the early stages of "empty nest syndrome".  They have two wonderful and active adult daughters.  The oldest Katie graduated from the University of Virginia in 2010 and is pursuing her Master's in Special Education from George Washington University .  The youngest, Julie is in her third year at East Carolina University, also pursuing a degree in Elementary Education and Math.

Their family includes a 12 year old English Cocker they call Misti, a two year old Lab and hole digger extraordinarie named Ellie. 

When her time allows Dr Hewitt is also actively involved with her community garden club and women’s bunko club.

Dr. Leslie Nelson
Dr Leslie Nelson, is a graduate of the University of Tennessee class of 1999. She has been with KVH for the last five years on a regular basis. She is a familiar face to many in Tidewater as she had been doing relief work for many of the local veterinary practices, including River Shores Animal Hospital. She also has been on staff of the SPCA doing veterinary care and surgeries for them. In addition she was one of the full time staff doctors at Tidewater Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Hospital for several years, before realizing she enjoyed the rhythm of private practice over the hectic pace of emergency medicine.

In the environment of private practice she has been able to develop and indulge her interests in behavior medicine and the practice of Feline medicine. Cats have now become the pets of choice for people in apartment and Condo style living. Having more indoor cats as pets has led to longer life spans and the emergence of diseases and illnesses not routinely seen 10 to 15 years ago; such as diabetes and hyperthyroidism. Feline obesity is also now a major health problem. Dr Nelson would welcome the chance to educate the clients about all of these. 

Outside of veterinary medicine she fills her time with church related activities, friends and her pets, which include Jack a Welsh Corgi, Joey a Dacshund mix and Tsunami a German Shepherd.  Any activities outside such as biking or hiking are on her to do list (with the exception of mowing the lawn),but a book and a quiet spot are always an option. 

Dr Nelson, is a thorough, compassionate and talented veterinarian in both the exam and surgical rooms.

Terri Nantz
Licensed Veterinary Technician / Practice Manager
Terri came to KVH straight from the technician program at Blue Ridge Community College in August of 1982. Thirty-one years later she is still here. Her responsibilities as a LVT are long and varied. They range from supervising and training staff to overseeing the care of the boarders to doing the nursing care and treatment on the patients. Her favorite part about being a technician is getting to do all the hands on with the animals. She also enjoys doing the in house lab tests, and the chance to educate the clients on various subjects related to their pets, such as dentistry and parasite prevention.

She usually can find an answer or solution to client problems and questions or knows where to find someone who can. She is currently furthering her education  by pursuing her certification as a Veterinary Practice Manager and is  putting her knowledge and experience  to use as our Practice manager.

Terri and her husband Mike live in Virginia Beach and enjoy all the city has to offer. They love to walk their “ yellow lab Genny at Mount Trashmore and the ocean front, and are avid hockey fans. 

JoAnn Pogroszewski
Senior Client Care Specialist
JoAnn is the sunny voice on the phone and smiling face that greets you from across the counter; even at 7:30 in the morning. She has been with us for 15 years and is truly a member of the KVH family; she was one of our clients for 20 plus years before becoming one of the team.

A long time resident of the Kempsville area, she and her husband of 44 years raised three children and now enjoy those benefits in their six grandchildren. Joann’s interests are varied and wide from collecting NASCAR memorabilia to Christmas decorating, to the love of her and her husband'’s lives- Great Danes. To say that she is partial to Danes is an understatement. She and Bill are on their seventh and eighth Great Danes; Jackson a four and half year old black male and Alexander, a 4 year old blue male. But regardless of the breed or species JoAnn is there to welcome all pets and their owners and get their visit off to a fun and friendly start.

After all these years JoAnn says her favorite part of each work day is getting to come in and visit with the clients and play with the animals.  Got to love a job that lets you socialize all day long!

Charlie Liverman
Veterinary Assistant / Kennel
Charlie holds the record for the employee with the most years at KVH- 53 years. Most of the clients know him and enjoy spending a few minutes each visit catching up with what’s new with him and he enjoys getting to meet the children of the children. He is our main kennel man, the one responsible for the early morning chores of feeding and walking the animals here at the clinic. He also serves as our main assistant for the morning surgeries and treatments.

Charlie is a “jack-of-all trades” as he also takes care of the yard work and minor hospital repairs. His many years of experience make him one of our biggest resources when we train new assistants.

Charlie’s favorite pastimes are watching NASCAR, listening to country music, and traveling with his son (he has two grown boys).

Brian Steele
Veterinary Assistant
Brian is one of our “veterinary assistants and joined KVH five years ago. He is still trying to find his way career wise, and is currently enrolled at Old Dominon University studing history”. as someone new to all this “veterinary stuff” he has been a willing learner and enjoys the chance to get to know the patients and their owners. His biggest challenge has been learning how to deal with the cats, which are a unique species and can not be handled like little dogs. He has developed a touch with them. 

Brian and his wife Trina live in Norfolk . One favorite way to spend their off time is by trying out new and different restaurants in the area, going to the movies and spending time with family at Disney World.

Brian and Trina are looking forward to new adventures as Trina finishes her Master's degree and they have to decide where to settle next and Brian looks to go back to school full time in the fall.

Susan Blake
Veterinary Assistant
Susan joined KVH five years ago, but is not in any way new to the veterinary world. She has been working for many years as an assistant both in Virginia and Pennsylvania. Added to this is that she was at one time an EMT so there aren'’t many health situations both human and animal that she can'’t deal with. Susan is our lone evening assistant working closely with the doctor seeing appointments and the Technician'’s right hand during the afternoon hours.

The mother of three grown children (1 daughter, 2 sons) she is now the proud grandmother of three grandchildren (2 girls and 1 boy); truly the ‘apples of her eye.’
Susan and her husband, Scrap, have a house full of pets, five dogs, three cats and three birds.Obivously  a large part of her awake hours are spent taking care of animals; both her own and those of our clients, but in her spare time she loves to do woodworking, gardening and playing pool with her local club.

Susan feels that the most challenging aspect of her job is dealing with the different personalities of the pets, but with each challenge comes the  chance to learn something new.

Myrtle McKinney
Client Care Specialist
Myrtle has been at KVH for 11 years and many of the River Shores Animal Hospital clients will find her a familiar face as she also worked there. Myrtle is perfectly suited to her position as she is not only a people person, but an animal person too. She loves to meet people and just loves all animals.

Myrtle is widow with one son and one grandson. She has a rescue dog named Ms Pepper that has adopted her and taken over her home and heart. Her interest out side of animals are gardening and baseball. She is an officer in the Norfolk Tides booster club.

Terri Lines
Client Care Specialist
Terri Lines joined the KVH family two years ago becoming the "other Terri".  She brought with her an enjoyable and pleasant attitude and the ability to multi-task- a desirable quality in a receptionist.

Her multi tasking skills and the ability to handle any situation with a smile comes in part from her being a single Mom of three very active boys, Mathew, David and Ryan.  She graduated from Kempsville High School and is pursuing a degree in Human Sciences with an interest in Life Coaching.

After two years at KVH she says her favorite parts  are working with her crazy co workers and Dr Price's pies.  Her goals for the future include raising three independant, productive and self supporting indidvduals and to find time for sleep.

Amy Snook
Amy is the newest addition to the KVH family having joined the team in January 2012 as an experienced groomer.  She formerly owned her own grooming shop and is a current member of the International Society of Canine Cosmetologists.

Amy loves to groom all pets but especially likes doing those '"foofoo" type dogs like Shih Tzus and Lhasas, and can do a mean pattern cut on poodles and schnuazers.  She has a calm and soothing manner with the animals, and it shows in the way they trust her.

She grew up in the area and went to Cox High School.  She has a "herd" of animals at home which include Jasper, a Shih Tzu, Big Mack, an English Bulldog, Maddie and Lenny both Malteses, Streach and Willis the cats and let's not forget Rosie the Bearded Dragon.

Amy says the best part of being a groomer is watching the happy reaction of the pet owners when they pick up their prancing pets.