Staff Members


Brian Anmuth VMD
Owner and Veterinarian
1984 University of Pennsylvania Graduate. Married with 2 children.

Kenneth Johnson VMD
University of Pennsylvania graduate. Married with family of 5.

Marian Fenico
Animal Health Technician
Been working at Simmons Animal Hospital for 26 years.

Ernest Anderson
Animal Handler
Been working at Simmons Animal Hospital for 18 years.

Chris Helverson
Licensed Animal Health Technician
Owns many pets.

Christina Lutek
Animal Health Technician
Also works at a pet shop.

Kristin Biello
Animal Health Technician
Works along with the doctor. She has Iguanna's that swim in her bath tub.

Arlene Torrese
Versital Employee
Owns and loves 4 dogs.

Felicia Sgrillo
Computer Technician
Simmons Animal Hospital's newest employee!

Staff Cat
Finds warm places and makes sure all the animals are taken care of.